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Life on Sugarberry: The Start of Something New

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Hello friends, Ally Monda here, creator of Life on Sugarberry. I would like to start by saying welcome and I'm excited that you are joining me! In my first post, I plan to share how Life on Sugarberry started, topics I plan to write about in future posts and my hopes for this blog.

This is the start of something new for me. The idea of Life on Sugarberry came on a Monday night as I was hanging with my sister. We were talking about how much I enjoy hosting parties and creating fun things for my kiddos. My source for ideas usually stem from Pinterest and then I create things from there. As I was thinking about the ideas I find, a majority of them are from mom blogs. Then I thought hmm... maybe starting a blog of my own could be a place for mom's to find ideas too. I've also prayed for months about how to share my breast cancer journey and how to share how God has worked in my life over the last six or so months. Maybe this was his plan and my way of reaching someone; reaching another mom or another cancer warrior like me. So, here we are. Shout out to my sister for encouraging me. "Why don't you start a blog?", she said. Why not sis? And so started Life on Sugarberry.

Life on Sugarberry Logo

My plan for Life on Sugarberry is to share me. Me as a mom, me as party planner, me as a stay at home mom and me as a breast cancer warrior. Mom's wear many hats and throughout my "being a mom life", four and half years, I have worn many. I plan to share my journeys and creative outlets with you and again just share me, Ally Monda.

Pictures above are a little sneak peak of what I plan to share.

I also have some hopes for this blog. I hope that I reach people and hope that I reach people for Him. Whether it's by sharing my breast cancer story or by sharing a sensory bin idea, I hope that I'm able to influence your day in a positive way. I pray that God will give me the words to share. I hope to be a light to others and that others can see God shine through me. God, please guide me.

Lastly, thanks for being here! I'm excited to start this journey and connect with you! Please reach out if you have any comments or questions. I plan to make this a fun and positive space and look forward to seeing where this goes.

Hello friends and hello from Life on Sugarberry!



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