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The Master’s themed Diaper Par-tee

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The Master’s Themed Diaper Party

We threw a Master’s themed diaper party this past weekend! Our family loves The Masters and it is definitely a tradition unlike any other. When deciding on a theme for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, I knew it had to be golf. Then I came across a Master’s theme party and it was a perfect fit!

My brother-in-law and their son LOVE golf. Their 2 year old son already has his own set of clubs and a golf hole in their yard. He and my brother-in-law golf rounds of golf and he already hits the driving range. It’s adorable!!

I co-hosted this party with a good friend of mine and we had the best time deciding on the details of this party.

One of the details that I was most excited about was the paper products that I found on Etsy. Grace Edwards Designs created the “Daddy’s Little Caddy” banner, the adorable invites, the cupcake toppers and the food tents. They turned out adorable and customized the party! A big thank you to Katie at Grace Edwards Design!

I coordinated all the paper products to be shades of green and yellow and chose yellow and white gingham plastic tablecloth for the tables. The invites set the color scheme for the entire party and I LOVED it!!


I created a balloon arch out of two sets that I had ordered on Amazon. I used a balloon pump to pump up the balloons and a balloon knot tying tool as well. Using the pump and the balloon tying tool saved so much time!! I did plan on putting a turf backdrop and use the banner, "Daddy's Little Caddy" as well, but ended up running out of time and had a hard time attaching the turf to the garage. We ended up laying down the turf on the floor inside the garage, like a faux grass carpet.

Master's Par-tee Balloon Arch


I searched for golf themed food ideas and found some fun ones! The food tents purchased from Grace Edwards Designs pulled the entire theme together. I thought the names of the foods were creative! We made Fruit PAR-faits, Birdie Bites (Chicken Nuggets) for the kids, SLICED veggies and dip, CHIP shots (Bowl of chips and dip) and also had some CLUB sandwich options. The Master's is known for their Egg Salad and Pimento cheese sandwiches, so we knew we had to incorporate those too! The Pimento sandwich was a big hit and everyone was asking my Mother-in-law for the recipe! Highly recommend! The leftover pimento cheese mix we used for a dip. It was delicious!

Master's Par-tee Food

Master's Par-tee food

Master's Par-tee Food

Master's Par-tee Food

To drink we provided "Caddy Juice" (Apple Juice boxes) for the kids, "Watering Hole" (bottled waters), a beer option and no Master's party is complete without Arnold Palmers. I purchased the pre-made Arnold Palmer in a jug from Walmart.

Master’s Par-Tee Drinks


For the kids, we had golf coloring pages, a Master's themed sensory table and a driving range. My sister-in-law created a golf cart painted Cozy Coupe that we had at the party and it completed the driving range.

For more details on the Master's themed golf sensory table, head to the Master's Themed Golf Sensory Table post. It was a BIG hit with the kids.

For the adults we did a blindfolded diaper change. The men faced off and we had a prize for the winner. We also had a golf hole in the field that we all tried to shoot towards. There was a turf mat to hit off of and my father-in-law actually installed a golf flag and hole. It was a good time! Everyone mingled and we had such a good time catching up with everyone.

Master’s Part-Tee Golf flag

Because the parents-to-be aren't finding out the gender, I asked the guests to vote whether or not they thought the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. They have also been having a hard time coming up with names for the baby, so we had a spot where the guests gave name suggestions. They would pick up a "ball" and write their suggestion and then clothespin it on the line. The parent's to be were very excited to look over all the names.

Lastly, and probably the most important. This was a Diaper Party. Each guest was asked to bring a pack of diapers for the new baby. If they brought a pack of diapers they were entered into a diaper raffle and a winner was drawn at the end of the party to win a prize.

The mother-to-be and I were talking and decided, when baby number two is on the way, you don't really need all of the things. Most likely you already have them. But, a diaper party is such a big help and can eliminate the cost of diapers for a while! Win, win! Plus you get to see all of your friends in the process.

Overall, the day was incredible and everything turned out very cute! It was fun to socialize with friends and family and throw a party before baby makes his/her arrival! We can't wait to meet you Baby M!

I will also link all the details below if you are looking for a link to something I used for the party.

Let me know if you have any questions and let me know what you think :) I'd love to hear from you!



Details of the party: (Links)

Daddy's Little Caddy Banner: created off of this listing, but she did a custom listing for me changing the letters.

Master's themed Invite: Found here; I edited on Canva to make it say Diaper PAR-tee instead.

Balloon Arch: Green Balloon Arch, Yellow Balloon Arch; From Amazon. I combined them both together to create the look. Definitely didn't use them all.

Balloon Pump: Target. They do have better ones on Amazon, but mine has worked very well!

Balloon Tying Tool: Amazon. A lifesaver!

Yellow Gingham Tablecloth: Walmart Found here

Green Plates: Walmart

Yellow Napkins: Walmart

Green and Yellow Plastic Silverware: Dollar Tree

Plastic Yogurt PAR-fait glasses: Dollar Tree

Golf flag: Amazon

Golf coloring pages: found online and printed from home

Turf (would have been used for backdrop): Borrowed from a friend, but was purchased at Menards

Pimento Sandwich Recipe: Make this! You will not regret it. The extra can be used for a dip.

Driving Range Sign: created on Canva by my friend

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