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Life Update March 2023: Where have you been?

Life Update March 2023

Hey friends!

It's been a while! Almost six months since my last post. I wanted to update you with what has been happening here and why I took a break from Life on Sugarberry.

No worries, my health is good! Like I mentioned in my last post, My Breast Cancer Journey Part 3: The Miracle, my cancer is still gone! I've had two more appointments at Mayo since that post and everything still looks good. With stage 4 breast cancer, unfortunately I will continue treatment for the rest of my life. I am still taking Kisqali and Letrozole, both of which are doing their job. My symptoms have continued to be non-existent (Praise the Lord!!) and besides having hot flashes here and there (I've been put in a medically induced menopause) I've been feeling like my normal self. When going to my last two appointments, I've felt peace knowing that God has got it and that I have been healed. Both times our doctor has continued to give us good news. Again, all the glory to God!

Life Update March 2023

The next step is to have an oophorectomy, the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes. The reason for this would be to stop the monthly Zoladex shots. These shots, as I've mentioned before, are not enjoyable and I'll spare you the details, but not having to do these would be wonderful. The plan is to have this surgery in June. I've been told it's a minimal surgery, but please pray that all goes smoothly.

In other news, in October, my husband and I decided it was time for me to go back to work. I have an expired Physical Education and Health Education degree. My license had expired because I've been a stay at home mom for the past 5 years and hadn't completed any continuing education to keep my license current. Into the job hunt I went. My in, substitute teaching. I had been a substitute after I had graduated college and I loved it. I enjoy being thrown into all sorts of classrooms with all ages of kids. Teaching and children are my passion and I truly couldn't imagine working in any other profession. I headed to some districts in our area and got started.

My biggest worry was finding a childcare provider. When looking, I felt like God placed the one we found in my lap. We found an amazing at home daycare and knowing the kids were with such a wonderful family helped tremendously. Still, I battled with working full time and not being at home with the kids. To all of the full-time working moms, wow. You are amazing! I felt a consistent guilty battle between time with the kiddos, house work and keeping it all together. It's overwhelming for sure and is very busy! But I did it.

As of February, I have switched to the best of both worlds and we have decided that I will stay home with the kiddos three days a week and then still sub the other two. It has been fun balance and I enjoy getting to spend more time with our children as well as still being in the schools some.

So between, subbing full time and busy toddler-mom life, Life on Sugarberry took the back burner. With some more time home with kids, I hope to still create some fun activities to share. Hopefully I can be more present on here and continue to share with you!

On another note, my hair!! It's coming back :) As you can maybe see in the picture above, I can style it and although it's still not my goal length, I'm getting there. Yay!! I can't believe that just short of a year ago I was just noticing a little hair growth (sprouts) and now it's the length it is now. I do plan to create a post with my hair growth journey because that was something I felt like I searched a lot when I lost my hair. I hope that I can be a resource to someone else just as others were for me.

Lastly, I continue to thank God every day for the amazing miracle of my good health! Even though I haven't shared on here in a while, I still have people read my story daily. I've had people reach out and let me know that my story has reached them, which is what I prayed for!! I hope my story continues to reach more people for God, the reason I share my story.

Thank you for being here :) And I look forward to being more present here with you!



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