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Toddler Activity | Learning with Chalk

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Life on Sugarberry | Toddler Activity Learning with Chalk

As a mom, I think one of my favorite things to play with outside is chalk. Yes, it gets messy and all over your kids clothes, but there are so many activities and learning opportunities with chalk. In this post I will share 3 learning activities that you can do with chalk.

  1. Chalk Numbers

  2. Chalk Letters

  3. Chalk Shapes

These activities can all be done in the same day, which is what we did!

Chalk Numbers

Toddler Activity Chalk Numbers

I started by writing all of the numbers 1-10 in a line and then had my 4-year old daughter write/copy the numbers below. This might need assistance from you, depending on the ability of the child.

We then talked about the different numbers and jumped around from number to number. I would say things like, “Can you stand on the number 2?” And then she would run and stand on the two.

Then we talked about how old she was and what numbers/how old her family members were. Very fun!

Chalk Letters

Toddler Activity Chalk Letters

I started by writing all the letters A-Z in order. Next I had my daughter write/copy the letters underneath each of mine.

Then we played similar games to the ones with did with the numbers.

I asked her, “Can you find the letter G?” And she would run and stand on the letter “G”. She ended up jumping from letter to letter.

Then we spelled things. We started with her name and then went to spelling words like, mom, dad and more. She had fun finding the letters for each word and continuing to run from letter to letter.

Chalk Shapes

Toddler Activity Chalk Shapes

The shapes activity is my personal favorite. Not to sure why, but when we play chalk outside, I will always draw these 10 shapes.

I start by drawing and writing the name of these 10 shapes:











Toddler Activity Learning with Chalk: Shapes

Then the kids jump from shape to shape saying the name of each shape.

Toddler Activity Learning with Chalk: Shapes game

Then we play the “find the shape” game, where I ask, “Can you find a circle?” And then both kids run to stand on the circle. (I do try to make the shapes big enough to fit both kids.)

We also talk about the color of the shapes and I ask the kids, “Can you find a shape that is yellow?” Again, the kids run to find the yellow shape.

Another way we learn with the shapes is I ask questions like, “Can you find the shape of a wheel? Can you find the shape that looks like a pizza slice? Can you find the shape that is the shape of an egg?” and so on.

We probably spent the most time on the shapes because both my 3 and 4 year old know their colors and shapes best. They were able to do this one together and really enjoyed themselves!

All of these activities are easy and great for teaching your kids their shapes, letters and numbers! We love chalk!

Please let me know of any chalk activities your family loves! Drop a comment below if you give one or all of the activities! I look forward to hearing from you!



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