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Toddler Activity | Reading with a Flashlights in the Dark

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Toddler Activity Reading with Flashlights in the Dark

Reading with Flashlights in the dark 🔦

How do your kids feel about the dark? Depending on the day, I hear “Mom it’s too dark here. Or please keep the light on.”

Try this activity to help them embrace the dark. And what kid doesn’t like to use a flashlight?!

Grab a flashlight and some books and head to a dark room (we used their bedrooms with the curtains drawn).

Have your kiddos find the words and pictures and read the stories together!

Toddler Activity Reading with Flashlights in the Dark

When we tried this activity we ended up reading book after book. The kids loved reading stories this way and it was a great way to calm down before naps.

Teachers, this might also be a fun reward in the classroom!

Let me know if you give it a try ✨



P.s. We found our little flashlights in the dollar spot at Target 🎯

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