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Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

We love sensory bins! Even as a mom, there is something incredibly satisfying about running rice through your fingers. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s very relaxing. Both of my kids love sensory bins and I make quite a few throughout the year. Themed ones are my favorite and I also have some go-to ones that are easy to throw together at any-time!

For the Master’s Diaper Party I knew I wanted to create a golf themed sensory table. Kids were welcome to attend the party and I knew a sensory table would be a hit! So, I got started.

First, I searched Pinterest. And let me tell you, I didn’t find one golf sensory bin. Not one. Then I thought colors. The Master’s colors are green and yellow and these colors matched the theme I was planning to use as well.

I had green dyed rice from my St. Patrick’s day bin, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. So, I also dyed some more green rice. The rice ended up looking like grass, which I loved.

Next, I added green and yellow pom-poms. I love adding different textures to the sensory table.

Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

I had some white tees and some white plastic golf balls too. I added those in the table. The tees were able to be stand up in the rice and the goal was to balance the golf ball on top of the tee.

I have letter magnets in a variety of colors, so I grabbed both the yellow and green letters and threw them in. Adding a learning aspect to the table.

Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

Lastly, I added spoons, scoops and bowls to fill and pour with.

The final product turned out amazing. All of the pieces fit well together. You could tell it looked like a golf bin, but could pass for a green and yellow bin as well.

Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

The only thing I would have loved to add, but didn’t have time, would have been a couple small golf cart cars. They have miniature pull back golf cars, which I think would have made the table even better. Although, I did love the table!

The kids loved this table! Kids varying from 1-5 year olds were playing, filling, pouring, separating and learning.

Sensory Bin: The Master’s Golf Themed Sensory Table

I think what I love most about sensory tables are they are a quiet learning activity with little instruction. It’s a child lead activity. Mom’s sit back and watch your child thrive!

Does your child love golf? Try out this sensory bin and let me know what you think! I’ll be sharing many more sensory bin ideas in the future!



I used this sensory table for the Master's Themed Golf Diaper Par-tee I threw for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Check it out here: The Master's Themed Diaper Par-tee

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