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Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

Construction Trucks Sensory Bin

Construction Truck Sensory Bin 🚜

Where are my truck loving boy mommas?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Do you have lots of cars and trucks and are running out of ideas for your boy? Then try this fun and easy sensory bin!

We found this dish washing tub at the dollar tree and it is the perfect size to keep the filler (base of your sensory bin) contained and it’s $1 🤯

Construction Truck Sensory Bin

You can try two different options for your base:

•Kinetic Sand

•Black Beans

Kinetic Sand is incredible! Not a complete mess and very fun to play with. I would say it’s a combination of sand and play-doh. The most satisfying filler if you ask me!

Construction Truck Sensory Bin

Black beans can be found at the dollar tree or any grocery store. The amount of beans pictured below is about 3 one pound bags of beans.

Construction Truck Sensory Bin

Then it’s simple! Grab a bin, one of the fillers and then add your trucks, tractors or cars! 🚜🚙🚚🛻

Construction Truck Sensory Bin

Construction Truck Sensory Bin

Hello quiet time… and a 1 minute prep activity.

I’d love to hear if you gave it a try and what your little buddies thought! Comment below with your experience.

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