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Toddler Activity | Race Car Color Sort

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Toddler Activity Race Car Color Sort

Hey friends! Do you have a son with tons of race cars? This toddler activity is great way to help your kiddo learn colors! All you need is colored construction paper in a variety of colors, some race cars and you are ready to sort!

Race Car Color Sort

To get started grab these 2 things:

-Construction Paper (1 paper of each color)

-All of your race cars (any trucks, tractors or cars will do)

First grab one piece of construction paper of each color.

Find a place to set them each side by side. We used our coffee table and the last two colors were on the floor.

Toddler Activity Race Car Color Sort

Have the kids dump the cars in a big pile on the floor.

Toddler Activity Race Car Color Sort

Then have them sort the cars by color. Red cars going on the red construction paper and so on, until all the cars are on a piece of paper.

Toddler Activity Race Car Color Sort

Encourage your kids to tell you what color the car is and what color paper they are putting it on. The more they say colors, the more they are associating objects (in this case cars) with that color.

My kids thought this was incredibly fun and made a game out of it. My daughter would hand my son the car and he would place it on the right square. Throughout the activity they said the colors over and over. Mom win!

At the end, we talked about which colors had the most cars, which color had the least amount and which colors they liked to put their cars on. It was fun to hear which colors they liked!

I hope you try this activity with your kids! Let me know! Please also comment below if you have an adaption to my idea (another thing to add to my activity). I look forward to hearing from you!



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